There are 15 key ingredients developed over 4 generations in creating the Mabrown Signature Quail dish. Fresh quails get delivered every morning and immediately marinated for 24 hours with this family formula. When it comes to dinner service, they are then twice fried for the extra crunch, then wok tossed in our Grandfather’s secret caramel chilli sauce.



At Mabrown we believe good dishes are served by using the freshest ingredients.
That is why we only prepare what is pre-ordered, which means for those who show up last minute would either miss out or only have the leftovers!
This way we are also helping vegetable and poultry farmers to produce only what they need and reduces waste.
Imagine if every restaurant and customer play their part for the environment, what a wonderful world that would be!



Mabrown is careful about selecting quail breeders who share the same passion with us. We work with generational, family-run quail farmers such as Game Farm and Yarra Valley Golden Quail.
If it wasn’t for Armenio Bento, founder of Game Farm, there’d be no quail to serve our customers! Now led by the 3rd Generation,  for over 40 years, Game Farm produces a very high standard of quail used in fine dining restaurants, cruise ships and also served on business class flights. Raised on their very own Gladstone farm, north of Sydney, nearby clear river streams and lushes fields, we’re very proud to be supporting pioneers like Armenio.
Over the many years, Mabrown has also worked closely with The Boer Family too. Based in the Yarra Valley neighboring pristine rivers, the Boer’s have been breeding quail over 3 generations.
All fresh quail are grown using high quality, nutrional feed. These Japanese quails are also free from artificial hormones and antibiotics.  The goal is to provide our customers with the freshest and healthiest food experience.



It begins with our Grandfather

Hon was a high profile Head Chef at Hong Kong’s top tier restaurant in the 1960’s. Only the best chefs were accepted to work in his kitchen.
Later he was invited to Penang in Malaysia to open one of the first Hong Kong restaurants.

And after World War 2, he opened his own shop.

Naturally, our Grandmother was appointed the Maître D. Word started to spread of the amazing Cantonese food, and soon the restaurant became a famous meeting point for locals, expats and ministers.
There was only one problem. The restaurant’s name, Bee Ah Tong, was just too difficult for the expats to pronounce and remember.
One day the expats from Africa suggested, “why don’t we give your shop an English name so it’s easier for us?”

They observed our Grandma

Our grandma’s plump body and facial features reminded them of the African Mamas. However, her skin was’t black, it was brown.

“Why not, we call it Mama Brown’s Restaurant!”

Feeling amused, she accepted the name and few years later they shortened it to Mabrown.
A couple generations after, here we are continuing the family legacy in Australia!

A Generational Recipe

Our passion is about refining and crafting the best quail. We are continually sourcing better ingredients and improving technique.
Through cooking, all three generations have bonded and grown as a family and we can’t wait to share what we have learned with you!

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